Carls Bernsten Spring/Summer 2017 collection have influences of classical draping from ancient times combined with modern textiles and unexpected construction.

The colletion has a spiritual feel contrasted with sharp, graphic shapes.

Primitivity meets futurism in both colour and silhouette. The print of the season is made by Clara von Zweigbergk and is graphic and minimalistic in a soft green.

The qualities include bonded interlock/mesh and soft rayon and modal. The garments gain attitude by raw edges and hidden seams, and the deep cuts and generous volumes gives the collection a feminine and soft feel.

- Everyday wear for the modern woman.


Our Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is inspired by classic Chineese construction and military uniforms.

Together with intricate and balanced textiles the collection is sober and functional, just like the workwear of calligraphers with simple shirt jackets and kimono shapes.

The garments are based on no-waste patterns and the roomier designs let the body breath.

The colour palette is sharp and full of contrasts in jet black, military green, deep blue and burgundy.

The print of the season is influenced by ancient Chineese flower art.

A collection filled with intensity and playful sophistication, making it serene, yet forceful.


Our spring/Summer 2018 collection draws inspriration from the classical movie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' where fantasy is confused with reality.

The collection have strong influence from the fashion at the turn of the century, especially the design pieces that belong to the country side. The silhouette is wide and loose with generous volume and frills.

The colour palette is soft in shades of amber, blue brown and white, inspired by the ocean and the land.

The qualities are light and soft which allows the garments to play in the wind. All textiles are natural in visoce, cotton, linen, lace and cashmere.

The collection is feminine and seductive with focus on lighter vacation pieces. The garments are functional and frivolous all at the same time, bringing the rural to the uraban environment.


The Autumn/Winter 2018 collection draw inspiration from tranquility at monestaries.

So we produced garments that will live longer, in both quality and aesthetics.Timeless yet contemporary design expressions.

Living like a monk is a recurrent cultural dream for overworked and overly worried individuals. Fashion is interested in this movement and imagines people involved and enthralled with their newfound inner selves, to be highlighted by severe and simple robes and habits, very much like a monk’s wardrobe. These religious styles are square cut and simple, with hidden details and blind finishing.

Timeless yet contemporary design expressions.

A wardrobe of carefully designed pieces that will inspire our customers to express themselves and build an independent sense of style.


The Spring/Summer 2019 collection is inspired by 'softwear'. Most of us are now all working from home at a much slower pace, trying to find ways to progress in our minds and reset the way we want to live and work in the future.

Our collection is conform to this major lifestyle change by using fabrics that are highly comfortable yet eminently tactile, in both natural and high tech materials combinations. Jersey and knits are of capital importance, for in fabric terms they describe the well-being we seek.

Softwear is material that forms a lifestyle. With the softening of lines between work and leisure comes a need for new clothing

Gently tinting garments that work, shapes that last, details that age well and qualities that can sustain.

Thus changing objects by giving them another more vibrant energy.


Carls Bernsten Autumn/Winter 2019 collection centers around the ongoing need for meditation, a time for thought.

The changes in meditative management includes a shift from a purely economic vision to a balance between profits and better quality of life, growth and social rosponsibility.
The collection embraces this positive change and movement while presenting a global woman who moves across borders with integrity and independence.

The collection ranges from suits and sharp shirts to loose sets with comfort in focus. Crisp clean looks meets a colourful explosion, lending clothes from diverse spiritual journeys.

Flowing robes, wrapped coats, gental tunics and soft knitwear introduces an elegant silhouette. All garments are made out of natural fibers and the colours range from sun set to sun rise.

Our garments are made with the finest qualities and generous volume, creating a balance between observant simplicity and